Fabeha Monir is a Dhaka based visual journalist who uses still images, text and video to provide multi-faceted storytelling for editorial and non-profit clients. Her editorial clients include The New York Times, The Guardian, Stern Magazine, Der Spigeal, Elle Magazine, The Telegraph UK, NRC, Al Jazeera News, BBC News, Nido, Tagesspiegel, Terra Metter Magazine, Kehitys-Utveckling magazine, Spiegel Online, Badische Zeitung, Sueddeutsche Zeitung, Zeit magazine, Zeit Campus, The Chronicle of Philanthropy, The Sydney Morning Herald, Devex, France 24, The New Humanitarian, Pacific News, NRC Handelsblad, Icarus Complex Magazine, The Chronicle for Higher Education, Zora Magazine etc

She regularly reports and photographs for Bistandsaktuelt Daily News in Norway as their Bangladesh Correspondent, on topics of aid and development.

She has been commissioned by non-profits such as Oxfam, Action Aid, World Health Organization (WHO), World Food Program (WFP), Norad, Traidcraft, Nobel Women Initiative, Water Aid, Christian Aid, H&M Foundation, Human Appeal UK, United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, People of Asia for Climate Solution, Asia Coms Lab, Asian's Peoples Movement on Debt & Development, Every Mother Counts etc. She is the Co-creator of Virtual reality & Documentary film on Immersive Storytelling of Rohingya Refugees funded by Davis projects for peace.

Her work has been screened and exhibited in various countries including Greece, Switzerland, Canada, Czech Republic, USA, Austria, Germany, Pakistan, UAE and UK. Being a native Bangladeshi she has extensive work experience in Bangladesh. And additional reporting experience in Nepal and Greece. In 2016 she has worked closely with multicultural refugee community during refugee influx in Greece. And later on she has been covering Rohingya refugee influx in Bangladesh since 2017. She has experience reporting on emergencies such as flood, cyclone, fire tragedies, earthquake, covid-19 pandemic etc. Fabeha completed security training under United Nations department of Safety and Security. She completed her HEFAT course conducted by Silk Road which has been funded by ACOS Alliance.

As a humanist photographer, she tells people-focused stories that explore the themes of social development, migration, gender violence, and forced exile in marginalized communities. She uses intimate and involved story-telling approach to communicate meaningfully about the human experience. In addition to English, she is fluent in Bangla, Hindi, and Urdu.

She is a member of Women Photograph,  Diversity Photo and The Coalition of Women in Journalism. She follows NPPA code of ethics. She is supported by Visura and one of the storyteller of Native Agency

Skype/Phone/Whatsapp: +88 01928334767
Current Location: Dhaka, Bangladesh

For assignments, consultations, and prints, please contact her.

Exhibitions/Film Festival:

2020: ‘Shamima – Memory in My Heart’, NYC Short Documentary Film Festival, New York

2020: "The Belt and Road Through My Village" Exhibition virtual worldwide

2019: 'Technology and Social Good Event', New York

2019: 'We Are Not Afraid', organized by Nobel Women Initiative, Canada

2019:  'Exhibition and Virtual reality Film' at Ars Electronica festival, Austria

2019: 'The Multimedia and multi-genre exhibition' at NEon digital art re@ct social Change, UK

2019: 'Immersive Storytelling of Rohingya Refugees', Pakistan

2018: ‘Rohingya Exodus’, MinistHer 2018, Nobel Women Initiative, Canada

2017: ‘Change Your Shoes’, the Czech Republic

2016: ‘Mobility’, Group Exhibition at APCD foundation, Switzerland


2020: 'Post Graduate Diploma in Visual Journalism' at Ateneo De Manila University
          First Female Scholarship Receipt from Bangladesh

2020: Selected for Eddie Adams Workshop, USA

2020: Women’s Edition Fellow 2020, Population Reference Bureau, USA

2020: Recipient of Online Safety Training course produced by Silk Road, funded by the ACOS Alliance

2020: Profile Photographer Native Agency

2019: 'Davis Peace Prize: For interactive VR Documentary' of Rohingya Refugee Camp
          Ray LC Team led along Anika Ullah, Fabeha Monir

2019: 'Women Photograph Mentorship Program', First Mentee From Bangladesh

2019: Alexia Foundation Professional Grant 'Shortlisted'

2019: Aleph Collective supported yearlong project on Climate Change  


2019: Film, 'Shamima - Memory in My Heart'

Book : 

2019: "Alltag in der Hölle" published by Konstantin Flemig

2020:"The Belt and Road Through My Village" - Hongkong Based Publisher

2020: "Aljazeera Stories " & "100 Photographs 100 stories" by Aljazeera Institute

Safety Training Certificates & UN Mandatory Certificate Courses:

2020: Hostile Environment First Aid

2020: Front line Conflict Survival

2020: Travel And personal Safety

2020: Disasters and Extreme Environments, Terrorism & Public Disorder

2020: BSAFE, United Nations Department of Safety and Security

2020: United Nation Course on prevention of Harassment, Sexual Harassment and Abuse
of Authority

2020: Cyber Security Awareness Essential

2020: Ethics and Standard of Conduct, United Nations Course

2020: Prevention of Fraud, Corruption and SEA at WFP Course

Fabeha Monir

Fabeha Monir is a photojournalist, film maker and a documentary photographer based in Dhaka, Bangladesh, female photojournalist based in Bangladesh,
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